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HappyFace Beers Quits !!

We quit !!

After 5 years HappyFace Beers, the brewing of beautiful beers, the festivals and above all the great contacts with all of you, it is done !

We started in the backyard with a hobby that slowly got bigger and bigger and everything went well until Corona kicked in. Since the first lockdown, the following uncertainty and the lack of confidence that things will improve very much in the coming time we found it is time to put our energy in our other activities and bring the brewing back to the backyard again.

In the next coming months we’ll sell out our stock and on 31 March 2022 the big adventure will come to an end.

Thank you very much for the confidence in HappyFace Beers, we had a great time as long as it lasted and that would not have been possible without you!!


Rob, Ed, Manfred, Patrick

HappyFace Beers

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New beers and festivals

Finally we have added festivals to our agenda ! After a long time of sipping a beer and be bored we finally can go out again ! So join us there !

And we have added new beers and a cider to our webshop. A beautiful barrel aged version of our Black death .

and soon this one will be followed by barrel aged versions of our Tripel (BEEK rum barrel that also is used to mature whisky from 1976) and the Bock (Ultime Glen Ord barrel).

If this is not enough we also added a thirst quencher of the first kind with the HappyFace Cider that combines a subtle flavor, a crisp carbonation, a hazy appearance and 5% alcohol into a perfect drink for hot summer days.

Stay safe and stay tuned ! Also check our facebook page for news and updates.

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Fathers day gift !

Wake up your father in a decent way on fathers day with the gift he really deserves. What more does a man need then Beer, Nuts and Cheese to get through the day !

Available from Thursday from Simon’s Kaas en Noten shop at Heemskerk in the North of Holland. Or contact the HappyFace Guys. (€17,50/€25)

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Distribution through Van Wees !!

We are incredibly proud that Van Wees has decided to start with the distribution of our beers. Van Wees is a leading company on world wide distribution of distilled spirits and is wel known as independant bottler of The Ultime Whisky range and the Ultimatum Rum Range.

With this step our beers can be easily ordered by liquor stores and pubs. Please go to our “Where to buy” page for more information on this.