At which event can you try HappyFace beers?
Where and when do we launch a new beer?
On this page you’ll find all the dates of new releases and events, we recommend you sign up for the newsletter (bottom of the page).


Fri 19Jul2019

Dynamo Metal Fest 2019

Metal and Beer on the old cosy ice skate tracks in Eindhoven.

Locatie: IJssportcentrum Eindhoven


Sat 27Jul2019

Stonehenge 2019

HappyFace Beers will be available again at this beautiful metal fest.

Locatie: Stationsplein Steenwijk


Sun 25Aug2019

Beer Festival Delft

Beer festival in the beautiful heart of Delft with 25 breweries and their beers.

start: 11:00 eind: 18:00

Locatie: Delft