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The HappyFace Scapegoat is coming !

On 7 February the first batch of the HappyFace Scapegoat entered the brewing kettles of Stadsbrouwerij De Koperen Kat. The Scapegoat is an Weizen-IPA with wheat-, pils- and cara malt and Tettnanger, Saaz, Citra and Cascade hop aromas and bitterness.
Available from 10 march 2018.

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Speciaalbierwereld is our newest distribution partner !

After “de Bierboetiek” our beers are now also available through “Speciaalbierwereld”. It is obvious that we are very happy with this new distributor of our beers !!
The availabillity of our beers will increase again with this step.

Speciaalbierwereld also does the distribution for other beautiful beer brands so we are in good company. For information please check their website.

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Bierboetiek will be the distribution partner of HappyFace Beers !!

Bierboetiek will be the distribution partner of HappyFace Beers, en we are very happy with that !!

Since the demand for our beers is growing and the requests are coming more and more from remote places in The Netherlands it was getting harder and harder for us to supply everybody in time. So we are very pleased to announce that we can go to “the next level” with Bierboetiek !! This will increase the availability of our beers drastically.

Bierboetiek also does the distibution of other beautiful beers such as Rodenburg, Kees, Uiltje, Vandestreek, De Natte Gijt en Moersleutel. So we are in good company !!

Interested pubs and liquor stores can contact Bierboetiek, see for information

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News from the webshop!

Again, a number of new items have appeared in the webshop. The exuberant BOCKSHIRT has undergone a metamorphose and is now even more exuberant. It also has a backprint and is NOW available in Girlie and Tanktop versions. For every gender to enjoy.

Then a limited edition of a spectacular beerglass with our logo has been made. From experience we can report that this glass fits our beers very well!

HappyFace Stout Shirt

And there is a shirt for those who dare to promote our delicious STOUT beer. We promise you’ll get comments in Dutch speaking countries where you wear this garment! The Stout Beer is also available by the way.

In short, there is a lot of shopping again, click this link and have fun!

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HappyFace Bock available soon !!

The first batch HappyFace bock will be available from august 20th !!
First batch, large demand, so be quick !!
Interested in a box of 24 x 33cl? (EURO 60,- excl shipping costs) please send an e-mail to: