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HappyFace Beers Quits !!

We quit !!

After 5 years HappyFace Beers, the brewing of beautiful beers, the festivals and above all the great contacts with all of you, it is done !

We started in the backyard with a hobby that slowly got bigger and bigger and everything went well until Corona kicked in. Since the first lockdown, the following uncertainty and the lack of confidence that things will improve very much in the coming time we found it is time to put our energy in our other activities and bring the brewing back to the backyard again.

In the next coming months we’ll sell out our stock and on 31 March 2022 the big adventure will come to an end.

Thank you very much for the confidence in HappyFace Beers, we had a great time as long as it lasted and that would not have been possible without you!!


Rob, Ed, Manfred, Patrick

HappyFace Beers