3,5% vol

This session-IPA has a super fresh aroma and is perfect for the hot summer days.


10% vol

This beer has a full and complex taste, with a spicy and still tender aftertaste.


6.5 % vol

Expect a creamy and soft taste, with pleasant sweetness and mild bitterness in the aftertaste


6,5% vol

The HappyFace Scapegoat is a non-filtered Weizen-IPA in which the weizen character is supplemented with a clear Citra/Cascade hop aroma



8% vol

A fresh Tripel with a distinctive fruity citrus scent and a long pleasant aftertaste of bitter orangepeel.



7% vol

A full bodied IPA with a firm bitterness and a distinctive hoppy aroma due to a generous addition of Citra hops during lagering.



6% vol

A stout in which the roasted malts are accompanied by a dark and bitter chocolate taste, in the aftertaste the cocoa nicely lingers on.



7% vol

A smooth beer with an fruity hop aroma, full bodied mouth feel and a pleasant and sweet aftertaste.



8% vol

A solid Bock with hints of caramel and chocolate that are in balance with a soft bitterness.


10% vol

Our “Hammer”. A beautiful, firm and malty beer, not too sweet and a nicely balanced bitterness from the hops.

Black Death

10% vol

Our Russian Imperial Stout. A firm full-bodied beer, with great coffee and chocolate taste balanced out with a nice bitterness from the hops.

Scrooge’s Humbug

12% vol

Our seasonal Christmas beer. A beautiful, firm and malty beer with an addition of herbs perfectly matching the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

HappyFace Cider

5% vol

Okay, it’s not a beer but boy, it’s refreshing ! A cider with a beautiful subtle flavor and a crisp carbonation packed in a hazy thirst quencher with 5% alcohol.

Check the WEBSHOP which beers are available, order it and leave your judgment @ Untappd.


Ultimatum Bowmore/Rum barrel aged Dubbel/Abbey

Our HappyFace Dubbel barrel aged on a cask that previously is used to mature Bowmore single malt whisky and Ultimatum Rum.

Ultimate Miltonduff barrel aged Tripel

Our HappyFace Tripel barrel aged on a cask that previously is used to mature Ultimatum Miltonduff single malt whisky.

Cascade IPA

Our HappyFace IPA with the same base as our classic IPA but now with a CASCADE dryhop instead of the CITRA dryhop.

Ultimate Glen Ord barrel aged Bock

Our HappyFace Bock barrel aged on a cask that previously is used to mature Ultimatum Glen Ord single malt whisky.

Ultimate Ben Nevis barrel aged Black Death

Our HappyFace Black Death barrel aged on a cask that previously is used to mature Ultimate Ben Nevis single malt whisky.



Exclusive edition for the release party of the SINISTER album Syncretism – February 2017

The Heritance


Special Weizen IPA brew for this remarkable Dutch metal band from Deventer – September 2017

HappyFace Martyr specialbeer

Special brew for the 35th anniversary of Martyr, only available on the night of the party September 2017.

HappyFace Bark Speciaalbier

Special Brew for the presentation of the new Bark cd Like Humans Do, but only available at the night of the party (november 9, 2017) in Antwerpen.

A heavy version of our Tripel that is infused with BEEK 1 year barrel aged old juniper

12% vol

12% vol